English Tea with Annie

On the last Thuesday of every month the Leipzig local branch of Berlitz language schools organizes an event in English language named The Berlitz Lounge. Former students, current students, or interested people could visit this events and as the main part talk in English only. One trainer (all trainers are native speakers) has the hat on ;-) and gives the topic, e.g. Bill from San Diego, California, in whale watching, Max from Wales in fashion, Megan from California in Californian candies…

Yesterday it was able to talk about English tea. Likeable Annie (she came from the vicinity of London and is very british) and her collegues have prepared the event with a strong =:-) black tea, scones, jam (this is made from red fruits, marmelade is made from citrus fruits), sandwiches, a weird smeary stuff from yeast with a taste of soup seasoning named Marmite (isn’t my thing), and a small quiz about history of tea (easy for me, Earl Grey etc., but I prefer Darjeeling) and etiquette while drinking tea (I’ve said it, very british).

I used this chance for a refresh in English speaking and a short reunion with Berlitz trainers. 15 interested and sometimes very different people (trainers are included; some events have had more participants, it depends on the topic) were in a comfortable round. It was two and a half (not men) hours of an entertaining evening. Thank you for inviting, Annie!

Upcoming dates in 2019:

  • On June 27th
  • On July 25th

Start is always at 6.30 pm, admission is free. The organizers ask for advance notification via phone 03 41 – 2 11 48 17 or email leipzig(at)berlitz.de.